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Yorkshire Ridings “We’re having a Laugh!” MX-5 Owners Club Links
Yorkshire Ridings Area Past Events Magix Photo Website:  Click on the link below to the Magix Photo Website  where you can view a pictorial history of the past events held by the Yorkshire Ridings Area and in some cases the Spring and National Rallies that our members attended.  The Area Photographers of the past and the present have endeavoured to add humour with captions and tell the run story from meeting up to saying our goodbyes.  There’s even music thrown in to add to the viewing experience.
Yorkshire Ridings Area Newsletters:  Click on the icons below to e-view our by-monthly area newsletters which are a written and illustrated historical archive of our events.  They are sent out to our members with the National Club Magazine (soft top hardtop) as a paper insert and then subsequently uploaded here.  The newsletters also include a forecast of events.  The Newsletter Editors of the past and present provide an essential service for all our members and in particular for those members who, for whatever reason, remain outside of the digital domain.
Yorkshire Ridings Area Attendance Archives:  Click on the programme of events link below to view the attendance records for past years.  From 2015 we have added Attendance Lists and Tulip Maps.
Link to 2010 - 2015 Newsletter PDF’s 2013 - 2014 Attendance Archives 2015 Attendance Archives + Tulip Maps 2016 Attendance Archives + Tulip Maps
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