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Note:  Roles are listed if full detail, not to say “Hey look what I do” but to allow anyone thinking about joining the Committee to have a full understanding of what they would be taking on.  Jobs can be shared or moved from one Committee Member to another.  This will accommodate folk with less or more time, to give something back to their Club.  To that end, this is a “Live” document and is therefore the role at the time of reading. Photo Archivist & Web Administrator Job Specification Role Responsibilities:  Photo Archivist:  Duties include: 1.  Maintain a photographic history of Yorkshire Ridings runs and other events on YR Magix Photo website asap after each run/event. 2.  Go back through past years and fill in the gaps on Magix… long ongoing project. 3.  Maintain a pictorial “Active Members” history on YR website by creating a new members page for each season and archiving previous years.  Maintain a hyperlink to past years so folks can look back.  Member’s photos are added throughout the year after events. 4.  Store event photo DVD’s as they come and also save onto an external hard drive. 5.  Pay Magix subscription twice yearly and claim back from the treasurer.  Pass on the Domain Name bill to Treasurer to write a check annually. Web Administrator:  Maintain the website using Xara Web Designer software.  Tasks include: 1.  Home Page - Change photo slide show after each event with a selection of photos that give the gist of the run/event and point visitors to Magix and give a fresh face to the website as folk revisit it. 2.  Committee Page - update when there are changes in the committee and any other time when a committee member wishes their 4 photo set updated.  Maintain a hyperlink to the list of past committee members so folk can look back. 3.  Members Page - see Photo Archivist, para 3. 4.  Upcoming Events Page - Upload the events programme for new season, create hyperlinks to run/event adverts.  Create event adverts in our corporate image with hyperlinks to start points, venues & menus etc. 5.  Past Events Page - Maintain a hyperlink to the YR Magix Photo website.  Upload by-monthly YR Area Newsletter after members have received their hard copies in the post.  Archive each event with attendance lists and tulip map (new for 2015 – previous years just kept attendance by numbers).  6.  Links Page - Maintain the links to useful websites for our members.  Add new ones on request. General Duties:  Things to help keep the club ticking over: 1.  Area Stores – Event Shelters; be available to put up and take down as they are fiddly and fragile – do not lend them outside of our membership.  This was done in the past resulting in one being damaged beyond repair.  At present KP is storing the 2 shelters in his garage and Mick G has 1 of the feather flags.  Phil n Moira have the Area Banner.  We will need a plan to do an audit and relocate stores as necessary. 2.  Awards – keep a stock of miniature cars for presenting with club awards.  Sort out and pay for engraving – get car of the year done at same time as AGM awards so it’s ready to award at BBQ (car of the year main trophy does not get engraved as not on a big enough plinth) 3.  AGM – Set up room with other committee members and provide a laptop with a PowerPoint presentation for the AGM designed to the YR corporate image.  
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