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Note:  Roles are listed if full detail, not to say “Hey look what I do” but to allow anyone thinking about joining the Committee to have a full understanding of what they would be taking on.  Jobs can be shared or moved from one Committee Member to another.  This will accommodate folk with less or more time, to give something back to their Club.  To that end, this is a “Live” document and is therefore the role at the time of reading. Treasurer Job Specification Role Responsibilities: Treasurer:  It is important but not necessarily essential that the Club Treasurer is employed within the Accountancy Environment.  They must be able to maintain a spreadsheet to account for all income, expenditure, cash in hand and cash at the bank.  They must be completely trustworthy and be confident they can accept the responsibility of holding and managing the Club Funds. 1.  Run the Club Bank Account which includes: a.  Maintain the Club Bank Account Cheque Book and change the Authorised Signatories with the bank on Committee change over. b.  Bank Cash Receipts as required maintaining a small amount of Petty Cash. c. 
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