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Note:  Roles are listed if full detail, not to say “Hey look what I do” but to allow anyone thinking about joining the Committee to have a full understanding of what they would be taking on.  Jobs can be shared or moved from one Committee Member to another.  This will accommodate folk with less or more time, to give something back to their Club.  To that end, this is a “Live” document and is therefore the role at the time of reading. Newsletter Editor Job Specification Role Responsibilities:  Newsletter Editor:  Editor is a slight misnomer as you are actually a Reporter / Columnist and Editor, Publishing is the only thing you outsource.  The Newsletter Editor is responsible for producing the Yorkshire Ridings Newsletter and ensuring it is delivered on time for publishing and thereafter, for archiving.  It is to be both informative and a record of past events that can be issued with Soft Top Hardtop (STHT) six times a year, ie every two months.  It should also contain key personnel contact information, internet communication details and upcoming events.  The Editor must liaise with the Publisher and AC’s Liaison and work to a Publication Schedule, they must also try to secure extra pages for event heavy reporting periods. 1.  Key Personnel contact information is updated at the first opportunity after any change and includes the following: a.  AC or Joint AC’s as it is in 2016 b.  The Newsletter Editor c.  The Event Coordinator 2.  Internet Communication information is updated at the first opportunity after any change and includes the following: a.  Yorkshire Ridings own Website b.  Yorkshire Ridings on the National Forum c.  Yorkshire Ridings Local Forum - currently Yahoo & Facebook may change soon d.  Suggestion Box 3.  Editors Blog can be used for Parish Notices and to set out the format of the Newsletter.  It can also be used by the Editor to mark the sad occasions of the passing of one of our own or in happier times seasonal greetings and other announcements. 4.  Event Articles with photographs fill the bulk of the Newsletter and are written up by the Newsletter Editor.  If paid, this would be where you earn your money.  As the Reporter you venture out to as many events as you can to capture the story.  As one of phe Photographer’s you accompany yourself ie the Reporter and take enough quality photographs to cover all the aspects of an event.  As the Columnist you take your Report and mix it with the photographs to create an article.  As the Editor you have to juggle, resize, cram in etc etc the articles along side the informative sections, to create a balanced Newsletter.  At times when the editor is unable to attend an event they recruit a guest writer to ensure all events are covered. 5.  Upcoming Events, liaise with the Event Coordinator in order to: a.  List the Social Evening venues and hosts 2-3 months ahead b.  List the Sunday Runs with Start Points and Organisers 2-3 months ahead c.  List special events like the Summer BBQ and Christmas Party when appropriate d.  List other events including Blyton, Spring and National Rallies when appropriate 6.  Archive.  The Newsletters are to be sent to the webmaster for placement on the “Past Events Page” so that folk can e read them at their leisure.  This also creates an archive. Photographer:  Photographs play a key part in being able to report and record our Clubs History.  By natural progression, the Newsletter Editor has absorbed the role of Club Photographer over the past few years.  Areas in which photographs are used include: 1.  Newsletter - Take photographs that can capture the essence of an event and support or inspire the written word for the newsletter articles.  2.  Magix - Take photographs that can tell the whole story of an event without the need for words.  Sometimes captions will be added by the webmaster to create a little humour, aka “Taking the Mickey”. 3.  Website Home Page - Take a mixture of photographs of new and current members and their cars to make everyone feel part of the Club.  The photographs should be able to tell most of the story of an event and not number more than 34.  They should tickle interest to view the full slide show on the Magix site. 4.  Website Members Page - Take photographs of members with their cars and or with their partners so the webmaster can add their names as an aid to folk learning each others names. Of course, in the entire club, we have a large number of photographers who take brilliant photographs.  Their photographs should also be added to events so that the Newsletter Editor has all the best ones to choose from, not just they ones taken by her/himself.  All the above can be part of the same group of photographs totalling around 100 which are saved to a DVD and delivered to, or collected by, the webmaster.  The webmaster then uploads them to the appropriate places and onto a hard drive as an archive.  
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