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NNote:  Roles are listed if full detail, not to say “Hey look what I do” but to allow anyone thinking about joining the Committee to have a full understanding of what they would be taking on.  Jobs can be shared or moved from one Committee Member to another.  This will accommodate folk with less or more time, to give something back to their Club.  To that end, this is a “Live” document and is therefore the role at the time of reading. Event Coordinator Job Specification Role Responsibilities:  Create a full and varied Yorkshire Ridings Programme of  Events that fully integrates the National Events -  Blyton Track Weekend, Spring Rally and National Rally.  The programme should also try to incorporate other events of interest like Japfest, Silverstone Classic and Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Further more it should try to avoid Bank Holidays and events that effect the local are like the Tour de Yorkshire.  Duties include: 1.  Actively encourage volunteers to create new or re-run previous runs on the dates set out for the Club in the Events Programme. 2.  Offer and provide advice and assistance in the planning and creation of runs including how to create and edit Tulip Maps. 3.  Create corporate image adverts for all local area events and post on FB & Yahoo(and/or new system). 4.  Copy run adverts to Joint AC’s for putting on national website & forum 5.  Copy run adverts to Webmaster for putting on YR website 6.  Liaise with webmaster and supply all details of volunteers and their runs in a timely manner in order that the Events Programme on YR website can be maintained and updated in good time. 7.  Gather information of all past and future runs in order for the webmaster to create a library which will be accessible by all members particularly ones who are looking to do their first run with a view to revisiting, modifying or simply re-running pre existing routes. 8.  Liase with Newsletter Editor reference “Future Events Column” and supply information of run organizers and details of their runs in an attempt to eradicate the term “TBC” having to be entered on run dates. 9.  Maintain Attendance Lists for both Runs and Social Evenings so organisers have an informed idea of the numbers that will be attending so they can plan accordingly for the printing of tulip maps and the number requiring food.  The Attendance Lists are primarily kept up to date on Facebook but should also be published on Yahoo every 2-3 days for those who don’t use Facebook. 10.  Produce an Attendance List and comprehensive Run Brief for each Run Organiser in accordance with the National Driving Guide and our own Yorkshire Ridings Protocols to be read out before each run begins. 11.  Canvas for and implement, with the help of the Committee and Yorkshire Ridings Members any new and or initiative ideas and incorporate them into the Programme of Events.  For example, in 2015 we are introducing the Breakfast Club, the first of which was successfully organised by the Asst AC in March.
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