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Note:  Roles are listed if full detail, not to say “Hey look what I do” but to allow anyone thinking about joining the Committee to have a full understanding of what they would be taking on.  Jobs can be shared or moved from one Committee Member to another.  This will accommodate folk with less or more time, to give something back to their Club.  To that end, this is a “Live” document and is therefore the role at the time of reading. Assistant Area Coordinator Job Specification Role Responsibilities: The Asst AC must be capable of covering all Joint AC duties, either as a Joint AC in the absence of one of the Joint AC’s, or as the stand alone AC in the absence of both Joint AC’s.  When both Joint AC’s are in post, the Asst AC maintains a supporting role to ensure they are fully conversant with all Joint AC Role Responsibilities.  Permanent Duties include: 1.  Being the welcoming face of the Club when neither Joint AC is available to attend a run or social.  2.  Assist in organizing and coordinating Yorkshire Ridings participation in National Owners Club events such as Blyton and Spring/National Rallies. 3.  Being a point of contact for club members and ‘newbies’. 4.  Maintaining the corporate image of Yorkshire Ridings. 5.  Writing “Guest Articles” for the newsletter in the absence of the Newsletter Editor. 6.  Promoting and leading the fund raising for Yorkshire Ridings chosen charity of the year.    
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