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Yorkshire Ridings “We’re having a Laugh!” MX-5 Owners Club Links
Short Biography - Event co-ordinator - Shirley Pickett Married to Tim since 1999, both second time around and we each have a son. When my son started school, I started working part time in a model shop.  I stayed there for 22 years, rising to Branch Manager. When the company closed I went on to hold supervisory roles in Manufacturing Electronics and Domestic Cleaning. Whilst setting up my own Cleaning Business, my first prospective customer offered me full time work with hours to suit me, which I accepted and still hold! We joined the MX5 Owners Club in 2012, after buying a Mk1 followed by our current car, a Mk2.5 Montana. We thoroughly enjoy partaking in as many MX5 Club activities as is possible.  Sometimes it is difficult as Tim works away quite a lot but when he is home, it is all MX5, MX5, MX5!!! Know what I mean?!!!  Great fun, “having a laugh”!!!! We are also Members of a Classic Caravan Club, taking part in activities throughout the UK and last year had our first towing experience in France. That was great but not as much fun as the MX5 Club... we love it!!!
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